Services A-Z (102)

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Adjunct Account Issues

For new and returning adjuncts with account issues.

Applicants, Parents, Alumni with Questions

Not a current Faculty, Staff or Student, but need to ask a question? This is the place.


Bad or Broken Link on an IT Web Site

For reporting problems with IT sites only. Non IT website issues should be directed to the appropriate department.

Blackboard Account Issues

For issues with locked Blackboard accounts.

Blackboard Account Requested

To request new user access to the Blackboard system.

Blackboard Data Jack Problems

Blackboard DHCP Changes

Blackboard Software Issues

For problems accessing or using the Blackboard software

Book-It/EMS Issues

Broken TV Jack

For reporting physically broken/damaged television wall jacks.

Browser Issues

For problems with your internet browser, whether Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer


Canon eFaxing Setup Request

For use by departments to request that their department printers be configured to enable eFaxing.


For issues relating to the functioning or uses of the Canvas system

Card Production Issues

For issues with the ID card production system

Cell Phone Issues

For issues related to TCNJ-issued (not personal) cell phones

Computer Monitor/Display Issue

For any issues with your computer monitor/display

Computer Quarrantined

For students whose computers are getting a "Quarantine" message.

Connected to VPN, Cannot Access Drives

For assistance with accessing network share drives via VPN

Contingent Worker Account Activation

For use only after you have already submitted a Contingent Worker form in the Oracle Cloud.

Critical Web Requests

Typically used for WordPress issues that require immediate assistance (such as broken webpages, copyright material, etc.).


Data Jack Check

To request that someone come to check whether or not a specific data jack is working

Data Migration & Recovery

To recover or restore data to or from an external device.

Data or Voice Jack Install

To request the installation of a new data jack. Note that this process can take several weeks at a minimum.

Desktop/Laptop computer issues

This service offers desktop and laptop computer troubleshooting and repair for TCNJ owned equipment (PC/Mac)

Digital Signage Issues (Visix)

For any issues relating to the digital signage and dining hall menu displays located throughout campus.


Email Alias Request

To request a email alias.

Email Restore Requested

If you've accidentally deleted an email, and it was within the last 25 days, there's a good possibility that we can recover it.


Fax Issues

For problems with fax systems

File Restore Request

To recover files deleted or otherwise lost from your R: or H: drives


General Computer Issues

Troubleshoot unexpected errors, black screen, slow computer, no power, or general issues.

General G-Suite Issues or Questions

For issues with or questions concerning the user of any components of G-Suite not listed in other services

General Help Request

Not sure what category your request falls under? Submit a general request for assistance.

General Request for Information

If your need doesn't seem to fit any of the other categories, select this.

Google Calendar Issues or Questions

For issues with or questions concerning the user of the Calendar component of G-Suite.

Google Drive Issues or Questions

For issues with or questions concerning the user of the Drive component of G-Suite.

Google Email Issues or Questions

For issues with or questions concerning the user of the Email component of G-Suite.

Google Groups Issues or Questions

For issues with or questions concerning the user of the Groups component of G-Suite.


Hardware Installation

On-site hardware installation of certain hardware devices or peripherals.

Having Trouble Setting Up The Global Protect (VPN) System

For assistance setting up the VPN client on a workstation.

HBO/Cinemax Go Service Issues

For issues related to the HBO and Cinemax Go systems


Institutional Research and Analytics Request

The Office of Institutional Research and Analytics reviews all data requests for compliance with federal/state regulations and College policies regarding the proper use of institutional and student data. In general, data will only be provided in the aggregate. If you are requesting student record data as part of a research project IRA may require IRB approval to complete your request. Please visit the IRB webpage prior to submitting your data request to see if IRB approval is necessary. Requestors receiving any academic data from IRA are bound by FERPA regulations to protect student confidentiality.


Keyboard or Mouse Issues

For problems with either your keyboard or mouse

Kiosk Not Working

For any issues related to kiosks and terminals


Lab - Computer/Monitor Issue

For issues with computers, monitors, keyboards, or mice. Not printers.

Lab - Printer Issues

For issues regarding the functioning of lab printers, including requests for paper/toner

Lab - Software Issue

For issues relating to the software installed on the student lab machines.

Linux Quota Increase

To request an increase in the Linux quota at the beginning of each semester.

Lost or Stolen Equipment

Report lost or stolen equipment to the Help Desk.


MAPS Issues

For employees who are having an issue with the MAPS system.

Media Room Technology Issues (Classrooms, Conference/Seminar Rooms, Group Study, etc.)

Request this service if you experience any problems using a media equipped space (computer/display, projector/screen, control system, audio/video hardware/software, etc.)

Microsoft Office Questions or Issues

For problems or questions related to Microsoft Office or any of its components (Word, Excel, etc.)

Missing Network Drive

For users who can log in, but one or more network drives isn't showing up.

Mobile Media Equipment (COW, video projector, display, audio, etc.)

For problems with a Computer on Wheels (COW), such as lack of internet access or hardware problems.


Network Jack Problem

For residential students with problems with the network jack in their rooms.

New Shared Drive Requested

Request that IT create a new shared drive for you.

New Site, Site Redesign, or Site Renaming Requests

Request a new site, redesign an existing site, or rename an existing site and change the TCNJ subdomain address.


Office Furniture/Equipment Moves

For Faculty & Staff who need assistance when moving office locations: furniture & equipment moves.

Operating System Reinstall

A ResNet technician re-installs the operating system in case of a corrupt or non-functioning operating system on your computer.

Operating Systems

For questions or problems regarding your operating system, whether Microsoft Windows or Mac OS

Oracle Cloud Finance Access Request

Use to request or modify an employee's Finance security roles for the Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Cloud Finance Access Request (Departmental)

Use to request or modify an employee's Finance security roles for the Oracle Cloud.
For use by departments outside of Finance.

Oracle Cloud Human Resources Access Request

Use to request or modify an employee's Human Resources security roles for the Oracle Cloud.

Other Hardware Issues

For issues with hardware other than what's listed on this page

Other Software Issue

For questions or issues relating to software not listed above.


Password Not Working

When your password isn't working with one or more TCNJ services

Password Reset Requested

For requesting a password reset (personal, departmental, group, etc)

PAWS Login / Accessibility Issues

For issues related to the PAWS system that relate to logging-in or the accessibility of the site.

PAWS Navigation / Verification Questions

For issues related to navigating the PAWS system or requesting transcripts NOT related to PAWS Login Issues / Authorization Errors or Service Loading issues.

Philo Issue

For Faculty/Staff to report issues with the Philo system

Phone Disconnect

To request the removal of a no longer needed telephone.

Phone Needs Repair

To request that we service a physically non-functional campus telephone.

POS Terminal Issues

To report problems with POS terminals.

Print Sense Issues

To report issues with the Print Sense network printing system.

Print Sense Issues

To report issues with the Print Sense network printing system.

Printer Problem

Having a problem with your printer? Let us know.


Report problems with Philo TV service

For use by residential students who have issues with the Philo system.

Request for Staff access to PAWS

Request PAWS access for Staff

Request Generic Account

For Faculty & Staff to request a new generic account

Request Guest Access to TCNJ

For all requests concerning guest or event access to TCNJ computers or the on campus network for use with personal devices.

Request to Share R: Drive Folder Access

Do you need to share an existing R: drive folder with other TCNJ employees or department accounts?

Request Training

To request training with MS Office, G-Suite, or any other campus standard software.


Software Install Requested

To request the installation of specialized software in an office or lab.

Software Installation

Installation and configuration of software applications

Software License Issues

To report messages regarding expired/expiring software licenses on campus computers.

Student Television Issues

For students with issues with either their jack or their Philo service



Can't find your ID number? We can help.

Technology Help

Ask the Help Desk!

Television Jack Install

To request the installation of a television jack


Unable to Connect

When you suddenly can't connect to the internet, anything could be wrong.

Unable to connect to Wired network

For connection issues relating to the wired (plug in) campus network

Unable to connect to Wireless network

For problems related to connecting to the WiFi


Virus or Spyware

To report a virus or spyware infestation on your computer

Virus or Spyware

Examination of the computer to detect viruses and/or malicious software.

Voice Jack Install

Request the installation of a new data or voice jack.

Voicemail Issues

For use if there are problems with your voicemail account.


Web Based Applications

For issues relating to our internally developed web based solutions.

Web Content Editor Access (Add/Remove)

Request the addition or removal of site access for individual web content editor accounts.

Web Edits / Navigation and Photo Updates

Request edits to your site’s homepage, navigation menu, or icons, or replace a photo.


Request this service if you experience problems using or logging into the WebCheckOut system

Wireless Device Issues

For issues relating to TCNJ issued Wireless Devices only

Wireless Issue

When your device no longer connects to the TCNJ wireless network and/or other networks.


YESS Issues

For issues relating to the use of or access to the YESS system.