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TCNJ Cloud is Live!

TCNJ Cloud provides the college community with better access to financial, administrative, and research data through improved processes using cloud based infrastructure.

For more information on what services are being moved to the TCNJ Cloud, visit the project website here.

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Dear TCNJ Community,

The educational service known as lynda.com that provides its members with instructional videos on a wide range of topics has joined with LinkedIn to become LinkedIn Learning.

The college has had a subscription to lynda.com for a while and will continue to subscribe to the new LinkedIn Learning so that the campus community can continue to have access to their vast library of instructional videos. This merge will also allow Users to link their own personal LinkedIn accounts to their LinkedIn Learning accounts so that any video watched will appear on their profile for employers and connections to see.

For more information on this service and how to access it yourself, check out our Knowledge Base article on it here.


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Dear TCNJ community,

TCNJ has subscribed to NameCoach so that members of the campus community can make an audio recording of the pronunciation of their names and share it with others.

Students, faculty, and staff will all have a way to create their own recordings shared across various systems.

Students and faculty will be able to make their recording in Canvas so that it can be shared with the members in all of their courses.

Students, faculty, and staff will all be able to log in to NameCoach to create their NameBadges that can be used in their email signatures. The instructions on how to do this this can be found here.

Any staff or faculty member that makes a NameCoach recording will also have their recording added to their directory information on the TCNJ website.


Dear TCNJ community,

When eduroam was first implemented last academic year, the procedure was to first connect to the network "TCNJ-SETUP-WIRELESS" to register your device, but you may have noticed that network has disappeared.

In place of this is now the "Welcome-to-TCNJ" network.
Through this network, students, staff, faculty, and even guests will be able to register their devices for Wi-Fi access.

For instructions on how to navigate this new network, please follow the link below:


Remember, you need to go through this process again if you have recently changed your password.