Printer Problem

Service Description:
Having a problem with your office/departmental printer? Let us know.
  • To have your printer serviced (for personal desktop printers. Department network printers in need of repair need to  be reported directly to Canon)
  • For issues with jobs which are stuck in queues
  • To identify any network related issues your printer might be experiencing
  • Note that this is not the means of requesting new toner for your printer. Toner should be ordered through your office supply budget.
Faculty, staff and student workers may request service for an office printer.
For issues with printers in labs, please click here.
Get Started:
To report an issue with an office/departmental printer, click the "Request Service" button to the right.
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Service ID: 16837
Tue 12/20/16 12:30 PM
Tue 12/14/21 4:05 PM