Request Generic Computer Login Account

Service Description:
This service is for requesting a new generic account for dept., student organizations, etc.

Generic accounts can be used for the following:

  • Departments
  • Student club/organization (through the advisor)
  • Special projects
  • Lab accounts
  • Research
  • Student workers
Faculty & staff may request new generic accounts.
Get Started:

To request a new generic account, please click the "Request Service" button to the right.

When requesting a new account, please provide the following:

  • Account Full Name (ie what the username stands for: "Alcohol and Drug Education Program")
  • Requested account name (e.g. "adep")
  • A requested password (Must meet all of the usual password requirements. May not include either the username or any word in the account's full name.) If you do not provide a password, a random one will be assigned.

Note that whoever makes the request for a new account becomes the "Responsible User" for that account. The Responsible User is the person who will have the ability to request changes to the account such as password changes, name changes, etc.

Request Service


Service ID: 16384
Wed 11/30/16 11:28 AM
Tue 4/30/24 8:16 AM