Phone Extension Reassignment

Service Description:
This Service Request is for departments that have an employee filling a vacant position, and the phone location is not changing, to request that the existing phone extension at that existing desk/location be reassigned to the new employee. This will also address other elements of having an extension assigned to an employee, such as what to do with the voice mail, long distance PINS, and Rainbow accounts.
The Service Request must be created in the name of the individual initiating the phone reassignment.  These requests should be generated from a program assistant and or supervisor who will have information about the existing phone assignment.  Reassignment requests that are not created by a program assistant or supervisor will not be processed.
Please note that the phone reassignments may take up to 2 weeks to complete and additional information may be needed from the requester to complete the reassignment.
To submit this request, you will need the following information:
  • Employee information
    • Name
    • TCNJ Email
    • Department
    • Building/Room Number
  • Extension being reassigned 
  • Voice Jack number (EXAMPLE 104-V1023 or 2N-VG08)
  • Name of employee formerly at the extension
  • Status of previous employee
    • Separated, relocated, etc.
  • Can the voice mail box be reset and existing messages deleted?
  • Will a Long Distance PIN be needed?
  • Date the reassignment is requested by 
  • Departmental Chart of Accounts (COA/POETAF)  This information is used to help us identify the specific department that the reassignment request is for
Only a program assistant or supervisor may submit this request to have a phone extension reassigned. Employees should NOT request phone reassignments for themselves.
Get Started:
To request a phone extension reassignment, please click the "Request Service" button to the right.
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