Classroom & Media Equipment Support

To report issues with the equipment in media equipped classrooms or meeting rooms. To view a list of media equipped rooms and available resources please visit the Media & Technology Support Services home page -

Services (4)

Digital Signage Issues (Visix)

For any issues relating to the digital signage and dining hall menu displays located throughout campus.

Media Equipment Reservation System (MERS)

Request this service if you experience problems using or logging into the Media Equipment Reservation System (MERS)

Media Room Technology Issues (Classrooms, Conference/Seminar Rooms, Group Study, etc.)

Request this service if you experience any problems using a media equipped space (computer/display, projector/screen, control system, audio/video hardware/software, etc.)

Mobile Media Equipment (COW, video projector, display, audio, etc.)

For problems with a Computer on Wheels (COW), such as lack of internet access or hardware problems.