Popular Services

Use to request or modify an employee's Finance security roles for the Oracle Cloud.

Use to request or modify an employee's Human Resources security roles for the Oracle Cloud.

For issues with or questions concerning the user of the Email component of G-Suite.

If your need doesn't seem to fit any of the other categories, select this.

Do you need to share an existing R: drive folder with other TCNJ employees or department accounts?

For requesting a password reset (personal, departmental, group, etc)

To report issues with the Print Sense network printing system.

Having a problem with your printer? Let us know.

Use to request or modify an employee's Finance security roles for the Oracle Cloud.
For use by departments outside of Finance.

If you've accidentally deleted an email, and it was within the last 25 days, there's a good possibility that we can recover it.

For questions or problems regarding your operating system, whether Microsoft Windows or Mac OS

For new and returning adjuncts with account issues.

For issues relating to the functioning or uses of the Canvas system

To report messages regarding expired/expiring software licenses on campus computers.

For questions or issues relating to software not listed above.

For problems or questions related to Microsoft Office or any of its components (Word, Excel, etc.)

To request the installation of specialized software in an office or lab.

For reporting problems with IT sites only. Non IT website issues should be directed to the appropriate department.

Installation and configuration of software applications

To report a virus or spyware infestation on your computer

For all requests concerning guest or event access to TCNJ computers or the on campus network for use with personal devices.

Request that IT create a new shared drive for you.

Request access for contingent workers.

For Faculty & Staff who need assistance when moving office locations: furniture & equipment moves.

For problems with your internet browser, whether Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer