Popular Services

Request edits to your site’s homepage, navigation menu, or icons, or replace a photo. Also, request friendly URLs and QR codes.

If your need doesn't seem to fit any of the other categories, select this.

For program assistants or supervisors to request that an existing extension be reassigned to a different employee at the same desk.

For Faculty & Staff who need assistance when moving office locations: Office furniture & IT / Telecommunication equipment moves.

Having a problem with your printer? Let us know.

Request the addition or removal of site access for individual web content editor accounts.

For Faculty & Staff to request a new generic account

Do you need to share an existing R: drive folder with other TCNJ employees or department accounts?

For issues with hardware other than what's listed on this page

If you are having issues with the Google 2-Step Verification settings.

Request this service if you experience any problems using a media equipped space (computer/display, projector/screen, control system, audio/video hardware/software, etc.)

To request a firstname.lastname@tcnj.edu email alias.

Typically used for WordPress issues that require immediate assistance (such as broken webpages, copyright material, etc.).

Request that IT create a new R: Drive for you.

For any issues relating to the digital signage and dining hall menu displays located throughout campus.

For any issues with your computer monitor/display

For requesting a new telephone line and downloading the appropriate form to submit.

To request the installation of specialized software in an office or lab.

For issues relating to the functioning or uses of the Canvas system

For use only after you have already submitted a Contingent Worker form in the Oracle Cloud.

To request the creation of a new Google Shared Drive

You may request that your email inbox be restored to a date within the last 25 days.

This service offers desktop and laptop computer troubleshooting and repair for TCNJ owned equipment (PC/Mac)

For issues with or questions concerning Gmail.