Software Questions & Issues

For issues relating to the use of campus standard software

Services (10)

Browser Issues

For problems with your internet browser, whether Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer

Canon eFaxing Setup Request

For use by departments to request that their department printers be configured to enable eFaxing.


For issues relating to the functioning or uses of the Canvas system

Microsoft Office Questions or Issues

For problems or questions related to Microsoft Office or any of its components (Word, Excel, etc.)

Operating Systems

For questions or problems regarding your operating system, whether Microsoft Windows or Mac OS

Software Install Requested

To request the installation of specialized software in an office or lab.

Virus or Spyware

To report a virus or spyware infestation on your computer

Web Based Applications

For issues relating to our internally developed web based solutions.

Other Software Issue

For questions or issues relating to software not listed above.