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Student Technology Issues

For students with anything OTHER than account issues.

Classroom & Media Equipment Support

To report issues with the equipment in media equipped classrooms or meeting rooms. To view a list of media equipped rooms and available resources please visit the Media & Technology Support Services home page -

Account and Password Management

Managing passwords, and network share requests.


For issues with the use of the Blackboard system, or issues relating to Blackboard accounts.

Campus Television Services

Issues relating to television service and hardware in student residences.

Email, Calendars and Collaboration

Email, Calendar, Groups and so forth. Also for ListServs

Hardware Issues

Desktops, laptops, printing and other computer hardware requests and issues. NOT for use by students.

Human Resources

For use by Human Resources personnel ONLY.

Lab Issues

For issues with the student (not teaching) computers and printers in labs

Network Services

Issues relating to the various campus networks, both wired and wireless.



Software Questions & Issues

For issues relating to the use of campus standard software

Telecommunications Services

Phones, Voicemail, Fax Machines and Speakerphones.


Training on campus standard software (MS Office, G-Suite, etc)

Services (1)

Center for Institutional Research Request

Please use this form when making a request of the Center for Institutional Research.