This category contains articles related to the reporting capabilities available within TeamDynamix.

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Pinned Article Getting Started with Reporting

This article will help users to become familiar with Reports using via TDNext. The user must have TDNext access in addition to access to the application in which the report resides.

Using Custom Reports

his article will help Technicians to build custom reports using applications such as Tickets, Portfolio Planning, Assets, etc.. The user must have the access to TDNext as well as access to the application where the custom report will be created.

Using Filters in Custom Reports

This introduction article will help users to learn how custom report builder filters can be used to create reports using the TDNext interface. The user must have access to TDNext plus one of the applications listed under the Where To Find This section to create custom reports.

Using Report Folders

This article will help users to setup and use report folders to manage reports in the TDNext and TDAdmin.