Bed Bug Procedure

Residents who suspect bed bugs should submit a Building Services work order for Pest Control via the Facilities Work Order System and notify Residential Education and Housing


When a report of beg bugs is made, Facilities/Building Services manages the pest control/ in-room inspection and treatment.* For other aspects, please contact Residential Education and Housing and refer to their Policies /Procedures/Guidelines .

After receiving your work order, Facilities/Building Services will promptly reach out to our professional pest control contractor* who will inspect/test the space for the presence of bed bugs and determine if the report is founded or unfounded.  A report of bed bugs cannot be considered confirmed until this evaluation takes place.   Next steps will be determined as soon as Facilities/Building Services have received the contractor's report.


 Please review Residential Education and Housing's policies /procedures/guidelines regarding bed bugs.

*Facilities has contracted with a professional, commercial pest control service, Cooper Pest Solutions, recognized as national leader on the subject of bed bugs & pest control since 1955.

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