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For reporting issues with lists, such as sending/receiving messages.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness reviews all data requests for compliance with federal/state regulations and College policies regarding the proper use of institutional and student data. In general, data will only be provided in the aggregate. If you are requesting student record data as part of a research project CIE may require IRB approval to complete your request. Please visit the IRB webpage prior to submitting your data request to see if IRB approval is necessary. Requestors receiving any academic data from CIE are bound by FERPA regulations to protect student confidentiality.

To report messages regarding expired/expiring software licenses on campus computers.

For requesting a password reset (personal, departmental, group, etc)

For students with issues with either their jack or their Philo service

When your device no longer connects to the TCNJ wireless network and/or other networks.

For issues related to navigating the PAWS system or requesting transcripts NOT related to PAWS Login Issues / Authorization Errors or Service Loading issues.

When your password isn't working with one or more TCNJ services

For issues with or questions concerning the user of the Calendar component of G-Suite.

For issues related to the PAWS system that relate to logging-in or the accessibility of the site.

To report issues with the Print Sense network printing system.

For any issues relating to the digital signage and dining hall menu displays located throughout campus.

To recover files deleted or otherwise lost from your R: or H: drives

On-site hardware installation of certain hardware devices or peripherals.

For issues relating to the software installed on the student lab machines.

When you suddenly can't connect to the internet, anything could be wrong.

A ResNet technician re-installs the operating system in case of a corrupt or non-functioning operating system on your computer.

For problems with fax systems

Request the installation of a new data or voice jack.

To request the installation of a television jack

For questions or problems regarding your operating system, whether Microsoft Windows or Mac OS

To request the deletion of a no-longer needed email listserv.

Request that IT create a new shared drive for you.

For use by residential students who have issues with the Philo system.