IT Resources for Working Remotely

Things to do to prepare for working remotely:

  • Move any files you have on your local hard drive to Google Drive, or TCNJ Network Drives (R/H Drive)
  • Remember to bring your laptop charger and any devices that you may need while you are home
  • Setup Duo multi-factor authentication before you leave the campus.
  • Try out Google Meet, Google Chat, and Zoom with your coworkers
  • Test any applications you may need to use remotely
  • TCNJ VPN may be needed to connect to some services remotely, like accessing TCNJ Network Drives. If you anticipate needing to use VPN make sure you have installed and tested the VPN client.

More information regarding IT's recommended software usage during this time can be found here in our Knowledge Base:

Service Description
Duo Brand Assets Official Brand Assets | Brandfolder

DUO is a form of Multi-factor Authentication that TCNJ uses to secure access to
services such as the GlobalProtect VPN, our Virtual Apps platform, and WordPress.

AppStream 2.0 by AWS, or "Virtual Apps" as we call it at TCNJ, is a service that
allows students, staff, and faculty to access a virtual Windows environment to
run programs commonly found on college lab computers through their own
personal devices.
Globenet International The GlobalProtect VPN is a service that allows a computer, personal or
professional, to act as though it is on the TCNJ network, which grants
easier access to resources usually only accessiblewhile on campus.
While connected to the VPN, Users can access their H: and R: Drives from
off campus, use programs like SPSS that validatetheir licenses by being on
campus, and search the databases through the R. Barbara Gitenstein Library 
without having to log in, among other things!
Image result for google chat Google Chat is Google Workspace's built-in instant messenger for Google Users
tocommunicate and share files in real-time either 1-on-1, in a group chat setting,
or in a chat room without the need to set up a conference call. Google Chat can
also be opened up in its own tab, used through your Gmail inbox (both on web
browser and the Gmail app) or downloaded as its own mobile app!
Image result for google meet

Google Meet is a way to hold interviews, conferences, and meetings
remotely through the Google platform. The choice between Zoom
and Google Meet is usually a personal one based on the features each one
provides, Google Meet's integration to the Google Chat and Gmail make it
a convenient pick for a quick or spontaneous meeting.

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds for Video Meetings - Hello Backgrounds

Zoom has become a household name synonymous with virtual meetings and video
calling that has functions such as live transcription, meeting recording, polling,
waiting rooms, and many other functions that hosts can utilize.

Image result for Google sites Google Sites is a unique new way to make a collaborative workspace for your
office that allows you to make a customized central location for all of the resources
that would be essential for your department to function on the day-to-day.


For more information regarding the general G Suite apps, please refer to this master article here for links to Google's G Suite Learning Center.


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