COVID-19 / IT Resources for Working Remotely

In response to COVID-19, the President has announced The College of New Jersey is adopting practices of social distance and preparing for remote work options.

Things to do to prepare for working remotely:

  • Move any files you have on your local hard drive to Google Drive, or TCNJ Network Drives (R/H Drive)
  • Remember to bring your laptop charger and any devices that you may need while you are home
  • Setup Duo multi-factor authentication before you leave the campus.
  • Try out Google Meet and Google Chat with your coworkers
  • Test any applications you may need to use remotely
  • TCNJ VPN may be needed to connect to some services remotely, like accessing TCNJ Network Drives. If you anticipate needing to use VPN make sure you have installed and tested the VPN client.

All of this information and more can be found here on the IT webpage regarding the latest procedures and best practices for working remotely during this time.

More information regarding IT's recommended software usage during this time can be found here in our Knowledge Base:

For more information regarding the general G Suite apps, please refer to this master article here for links to Google's G Suite Learning Center.


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