What is VPN, and why do I need to use it? (And how do I use it?)

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You can use the TCNJ VPN to access on-campus resources that would otherwise not  be available from off-campus locations, such as from home. Some examples of resources that would require TCNJ VPN access include the general database server (database.tcnj.edu) and faculty research servers. As we continue to enhance the campus network security, other resources may be limited to on-campus and TCNJ VPN access only.

For more information, please visit link to the right, which has the VPN directions.

At the present time, VPN is only supported for Windows and Mac OS.

Note: For Mac OS Users, the latest update for Mac OS requires that you first go to System Preferences and then Security and Privacy to first allow the program to make changes to your computer before it can connect to the server.

Update 7/17/2018: Some Users have reported problems when trying to connect to enclave.tcnj.edu. While it is still an active server, the newer server that we are migrating to is vpn.tcnj.edu
Connecting to this server will prompt you to set up a two-factor authentication for security through the mobile app Duo. Similar to setting up two-factor authentication with a Google account, you will be asked to select a device you want to add for authentication such as a mobile phone, tablet, or a land line; selecting either of the first two will lead you through instructions on downloading the Duo app to get you connected. 


Instructions for setting up DUO Multifactor Authentication

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