Software for Home Use

TCNJ’s Home Use Software site provides faculty, staff and students with access to software such as Office 365, SPSS, MATLAB and more.

Note: All software listed below is available for use on the TCNJ Virtual Apps platform as well in case you have any hardware or storage restrictions.

Community-Wide Access

To download Microsoft 365, please go to and
login in with your TCNJ email address and TCNJ Password. Once logged
in, you will see "Install and more" in the right-hand corner where you
will then find the "Install Microsoft 365 apps" option.

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TCNJ students, staff, and faculty may download and install Microsoft
Office on up to five of their personal devices (computers and/or mobile devices).

Adjuncts, Emeriti, Supplemental Employees, and Contingent Workers have
access to Microsoft 365 through the web interface only via your preferred
internet browser.

Once someone is no longer enrolled as a student or employed by TCNJ,
the software will be deactivated. This includes access to the 1GB of Storage
from Microsoft OneDrive; any document still saved there at the time of
deactivation cannot be retrieved by our administrators.

More information on Microsoft 365 can be found in this
Knowledge Base article.

SPSS is available to all students, staff, and faculty to download on their personal

If you are using SPSS from off-campus (including Campus Town),
connecting to the TCNJ GlobalProtect VPN is required.

Please use the appropriate link to download the version of SPSS 
for your computer:

Windows 64-Bit


Once you have downloaded the installer file, please follow the
SPSS Installation Guide attached to this article.

The College of New Jersey has a Total Academic Headcount (TAH)
license which provides campus-wide access to MATLAB, Simulink,
and a variety of add-on products. All faculty, researchers, and students
can use MATLAB on their personal computers and laptops.

You can find the instructions on how to download and obtain a MATLAB
license on the MathWorks website.

To download and use Mathematica, you will first need to make an
account with Wolfram using their TCNJ email address.

The full instructions for making this account and installing Mathematica
can be found on this website.

Minitab is available for students, staff, and faculty to rent for either a
6 or 12 month period.

6 months: $35.99

12 months: $57.99

More information on both the software and how to rent it can be found
on the OnTheHub website.


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