How to Print Across Campus with Tap and Go

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TCNJ has printers in the Brower Student CenterEickhoff Hallway (near the Res Ed Office)Education Hallway (outside of 212), and the R. Barbara Gitenstein Library throughout the lower level/all four floors for students' convenience. You can visit our website on Printing in the Library & Labs to learn more about the various methods of submitting print jobs and their various associated costs. Once you have sent a file to be printed from either the "pLibraryQueue" on one of the open computers in the library, submitted through web printing, MobilityPrint, or Email to Print, simply just head over to the nearest unoccupied printer and follow these instructions to release the print job:

Printing Across Campus

You'll notice that the release stations that were next to each of the printers has been removed.

They have been replaced with Tap and Go readers or card swipes attached to the side of each printer

Tap-and-Go Readers

Swipe Card Readers


If you notice the screen is black, simply press the "Energy Saver" button to take it out of sleep mode

Once you see the following screen, you are free to swipe your TCNJ ID card or type in your username and password

You can tap your TCNJ ID card or MobileID to the tap-and-go reader, or swipe from either the bottom-up or top-down (just make sure that your ID has the strip on the back facing up)

Tap and Go Readers

Card Swipe Readers


Once you are logged in you will see all of your held print jobs on the touchscreen. Select either one specific job you want printed and then hit "Print" or use the "Print All" option to release every job

Once you are finished, remember to press the "Logout" button in the top-right corner of the touchscreen. If you forget, don't worry, the machine will log you out after being idle for two minutes


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