Web Printing

Web Printing

Web Printing is one method to print from any computer or device while on the TCNJ network.

Log into Print Sense Web Printing (http://printsense.tcnj.edu/user) using your TCNJ username and password.

Click “Web Print” from the menu on the left. 

Click “Submit a Job"

Select Printer Name  “lbprint1\SingleSidedJobs (virtual)” for single  sided printing or "lbprint1\SingleSidedJobs (virtual)" for double sided printing. Then click "Print Options and Account Selection".

Enter the number of copies then click "Upload Documents"

Select “Upload from Computer” or drag the file to the designated area on the screen. Select “Upload & Complete” 

Web Print will process the print job, showing a status of “Submitting”, then, “Rendering job ….” and finally, the number of pages, cost and “Held in a queue” when the job is fully uploaded. 

Once you have submitted your job, please follow the instructions for releasing your print job found in this Knowledge Base article.

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