Differences Between Google Shared Drive and MyDrive

Google Shared Drive

A Google Shared Drive is the ideal way for teams to share files. You can use a Shared Drive to search, access, and collaborate on files within your department or within a group of individuals (i.e., committees, student workers, etc). The files will always stay within the Shared Drive and can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

Some of the best reasons to use a shared drive include:

  • Easy to share with all members of the drive.
  • Files are being synced in real time.
  • Larger storage capacity (up to 500GB).
  • Files are owned by the team rather than an individual account.

Shared Drive access levels determine how much access an individual has:

  • Viewer – Can only view the files/folders shared with them.
  • Commenter – Can only view and comment on files.
  • Contributor – Can add and create files, as well as move files (not folders) from My Drive to the Shared Drive.
  • Content Manager – Same as contributor, but can also move files and folders within the Shared Drive. Users with this access level can move files to the trash as well. 
  • Manager – Same as the previous two, but can also move files out of the Shared Drive or to another Shared Drive. A Manager can also permanently delete files.

All files and folders within a Shared Drive can be seen by all members of that Shared Drive.


Google MyDrive

Google MyDrive, also known as a personal Google Drive, is a place you can store files that only you have access to and you own. You can create files in your MyDrive by selecting new and then the type of file you would like to create. You can also upload files directly from your computer or mobile device using the web interface or the Google Drive desktop or mobile app.

While you can share files out of your MyDrive, it is recommended that you utilize this as a short term and limited option. It is suggested to utilize a Shared Drive for sharing with multiple individuals.

My Drive access levels when sharing:

  • Viewer – Can only view the files shared with them.
  • Commenters – Can only view and comment on files shared with them.
  • Editors – Can make changes to the file or folder shared with them.


Please refer to this Knowledge Base Article for Google storage quotas for your respective designation

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