Alumni & Emeritus IT Benefits

If you have graduated from TCNJ or received emeritus status, you retain certain levels of access to TCNJ systems and other benefits through IT. Please refer to the following table to navigate the systems and services you have access to:

Alumni & Emeritus Access

System/Service Alumni Emeritus
TCNJ Email (Gmail) Yes Yes
Ability to Log in on TCNJ Computers No Yes1
Access to Campus WiFi (Eduroam) No Yes
Microsoft 365 No Yes2
Google MyDrive No Yes3


1Access to campus computers also includes access to the H:\, R:\, and S:\ network drives. To learn more about storage quota on these drives, check out this Knowledge Base article.

2Access to Microsoft 365 is only through their online interface. For additional information, check out this Knowledge Base article.

3Emeritus will have read-only access and no new files can be added.

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