IT Offboarding Checklist for Graduating Students

If you are graduating as an Undergraduate or Graduate student, there are a few IT related matters you will want to take care of as your time at TCNJ comes to a close. IT has created a checklist that you can follow to ensure that your transition to an Alumni is as seamless as possible. A PDF version of this checklist is also attached to this article so you can download/print it to check off these tasks as you go.

As an Alumni, you will retain access to your TCNJ Google Workspace account (i.e., Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, etc), however, this DOES NOT include Google Drive access. Once you are designated as an alumni by the Office of Records and Registration, you will receive an automated email indicating that you will have 90 days to download or transfer your existing TCNJ Google Drive storage. Graduating undergraduate and graduate students should start the process of downloading or transferring data from Google Drive prior to or during that 90 day period. 

Below you will find a list of systems and services that you will no longer have access to upon graduating. If you wish to keep some or all of the data currently stored in any of them, this will let you know when you can expect access to be removed. IT recommends that you start transferring this data at least four weeks prior to graduation.

We would like to thank you for your contributions to TCNJ and wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors.


System or Service


Google Drive                                                                                         As stated above, once you have been designated as an alumni by The Office of Records & Registration, you will receive an automated email notifying you that you have 90 days to download or transfer the existing files in your TCNJ Google Drive before your access is removed. There are Google services available that will help you either download your data or transfer it to another Google account. You can learn more about these tools in this Knowledge Base Article.
Microsoft OneDrive While 1GB of storage was available for Microsoft OneDrive, some students may have utilized it for cloud storage instead of the H:\ Drive or Google Drive. Due to licensing restrictions, unlike Google Drive, access to your Microsoft OneDrive is removed immediately upon being designated as an alumni by Records & Registration. Please make sure you have downloaded any files you have stored there.
TCNJ H:\ Drive The TCNJ H:\ Drive, by nature, is only accessible through being able to access the TCNJ campus network (by either using a TCNJ lab computer or mapping the drive while connected to the VPN). Being designated as an alumni will remove this access, so you will want to transfer any files you have on your H:\ Drive to a personal storage device.
Canvas While you will retain access to PAWS after graduating, Canvas is only available to students. If you wish to download copies of any previous assignments you have submitted, please make sure to do so before graduating.
Adobe Creative Cloud For AIMM majors and students who took an AIMM elective during their final semester: Adobe Creative Cloud access will be removed once you are designated as an alumni. Please download any files you have saved to your Creative Cloud storage prior to graduation. Please also reference the Asset Migration for Graduating Students link provided by Adobe for additional assistance.
Campus Employment If you were a student worker, intern, or graduate assistant, please provide your department supervisor, or another appropriate person, assuming such responsibilities, with any and all College business related documents (files, records, etc). This may include, but is not limited to, moving files from your Google My Drive to a Shared Drive set up by the Department, and/or transferring ownership of surveys (Qualtrics or Google Forms).


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