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The Office of Building Services is responsible for the extermination or removal of insects/rodents. A yearly service inspection is conducted in all campus buildings as part of the Office’s planned maintenance program. In addition, basic pest control services are provided to the administrative and academic campus community on a per-request basis. The residence halls are serviced twice a week during the academic year, and on a per-request basis throughout the non-academic season. A State certified pest control company is responsible for the actual pest control.  


Residents with pest control issues should submit a Building Services/Custodial work order for Pest Control via the 

 Work Order System 



Dorm Room Pest Control Tips

Pest Control is a shared Responsibility; maintaining a neat and sanitary environment is a vital step in the pest control process.  Building Services/Facilities staff work hard to maintain common areas. This includes following routine cleaning schedules, special custodial projects and service requests.  In addition, Facilities/Building Services has partnered with a professional, commercial pest control service to provide regular pest control services throughout campus.  Students are also expected to do their part in maintaining a healthy environment, especially in their dorm rooms.  Below are some tips for students to help control pests in their living spaces:

  • Clean up after yourself/Keep your living space clean.
    • Wash and dry dirty dishes. clean up spills and crumbs, wipe down tables/surfaces, take out trash regularly, vacuum/sweep/mop floors as needed
  • Declutter your space.
    • Clutter creates hiding spaces for pests and to start breeding. Keep up with your laundry, keep papers and personal items organized.
  • Keep food in sealed containers to protect it from pests.
    • Close containers Any crumbs, food, or drinks left open / out can attract pests.


Additional information can be found within the Residence Hall FAQs located on the Residential Education and Housing page.




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