Sharing Files on TCNJ Network Drives


There are two primaries methods that departments use to store files on the network: the R Drive and Google Drive.

To share R Drive access, a department supervisor needs to contact the Help Desk or submit this ticket to request access for an employee. To process the request, the exact filepath (such as R:\Department\Folder\Subfolder), username of the employee and whether Read-Only or Read/Write access is needed must be provided. The request will then be sent over to the appropriate Support Specialist for processing. Please note that students cannot be given access to R Drives; department generic accounts can be given access and this is usually how students are able to access those folders.

Google Shared Drive is a method utilized by departments that gives them more control over the sharing permissions of the network files stored there, as well as the ability to share them with students. Please note that using a Google Shared Drive is different than sharing files with people directly from your Google My Drive. To learn more about the difference, please refer to this Knowledge Base article.  Additionally, since the change in Google's Workspace Storage Policy, the creation of new Google Shared Drives must be requested through IT.



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