Printing on Campus and the PrintSense system



PrintSense is the print/copy management system used by TCNJ to manage student print jobs with both sending them to printers and managing the charges for each.

Students will use their GetIt account, and have funds deposited in this account, for payment of printing and copying services in the Library and a number of labs on campus. 

Charges for PrintSense

  • $.05 per Black & White page printed (double-sided printing counts for two pages)
  • $2.00 per Color page printed (Art Lab / PPhaser)

For specific needs outside of basic printing, The ITS Media Lab (Library Lower Level room 4) provides color, large format and specialty printing services but is not enrolled in the PrintSense program. Patrons can pay with GetIt, cash or Department Accounts.

Printing FAQ

How do I load money on my GetIt card?

  • While on campus, or connected to the VPN while off campus, you can follow this link to log in to your GetIt account and add funds to your account.
  • Students may use the PHIL machines in the 1st floor of the Library near the Circulation Desk to add money to their GetIt account.
  • Students may also go to Student Accounts in Green Hall Room 119 and use a credit card, check or cash to add money to their GetIt account.

Please note that points on your TCNJ ID card are separate from your GetIt account and cannot be used for printing

How long do I have to print my job?

Print jobs will remain in the print queue for 24 hours in the Library.  You can print, or delete, your print job anytime within these 24 hours.

What printer did my job go to?

When using a Library lab computer, print jobs are sent to a generic queue called PLibraryQueue.  You can go to any printer in the Library to release your print job.  Additional information can be found at Print Release Documentation.

When in the Computer Labs, outside of the Library, the print job can be released at the computer you are using/logged into, to the printer in the Lab that you specify.  You will need to select the printer.

When using MobilityPrint, web printing, or email printing, you can use any of the printers in the Library or the Brower Student Center.

How do I determine the cost of printing my document?

In the Library and Brower Student Center, the cost of each job will be displayed when you swipe your TCNJ ID Card or enter your TCNJ login credentials (Username and Password) at the printer indicating the cost of the print job.

In the Computer Labs, outside of the Library, a pop up screen will appear at the workstation/computer indicating the cost and asking you to confirm the print.

How can I view my GetIt account balance and activity?

You may view your GetIt account activity by logging in here.

What if I don't have my ID card on me or it's not being recognized by the printer?

In the Library and Brower Student Center, TCNJ login credentials (Username and Password) can be used on the printer touchscreens to access and release your print jobs.

In the Computer Labs, outside of the Library, only TCNJ login credentials (Username and Password) can be used at the workstation/computer you are logged into.  The printers and in those labs have their jobs released from the computer itself and not at the printers.

Notify Student Accounts in Green Hall Room 119 of your TCNJ ID Card not being recognized or you have lost your card.

What if a printer malfunctions, has a paper jam, or just doesn't print my job after I released it?

Please refer to this Knowledge Base article on how to dispute a charge and request a refund.



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