IT Resources for Adjunct Faculty


Welcome to The College of New Jersey!  

We are so glad you have joined us as an adjunct this term!  Each adjunct faculty member brings with them a wealth of knowledge, and this knowledge is important to our students' success.  As we begin this term, we have created this list of IT related resources to help you become more familiar with our branch of TCNJ.

The Office of Information Technology (IT) at The College of New Jersey provides IT services for all faculty, adjuncts, visiting professors, staff and students.  The TCNJ IT Help Desk is your centralized point of contact.


TCNJ IT Help Desk

Location: Green Hall Room 6
Phone: 609-771-2660

Hours of Support Walk-In Support Phone/Email Support
Monday-Thursday 7:30am - 6:30pm 7:30am - 9:00pm
Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm 7:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday/Sunday Closed Closed

For all new/returning employees, we recommend you check out our onboarding information at to learn how to access your everyday systems. Outside of that, we have compiled the following FAQ of our most common calls from new adjuncts to help most of the questions you may have about being a new instructor in our campus community.


How do I connect my devices to the WiFi?                                                                                                                      For everything from phones and laptops to gaming devices and Smart TV's, you can find all of these instructions at
How long do I keep my TCNJ email account as an adjunct? Since we know situations like students with incomplete grades or teaching semester-specific courses happen, all adjuncts retain access to their TCNJ email (and all other systems) for one year after the end of their contract date.
When will I get access to Canvas?

Canvas access is granted through several automated overnight processes that start from your department in the following sequence:

Department assigns you courses -first overnight-> PAWS access is generated -second overnight-> Canvas reads your PAWS access and generates your access/course pages

What classroom technology is installed in my assigned room? You can find the list of technology available in each classroom on the Tech Enabled Spaces section of the Media & Technology Support Services (MTSS) website
What do I do if I'm teaching and the classroom equipment isn't working? All you need to do is call the Help Desk at 609-771-2660 and an MTSS technician will be dispatched to your classroom within minutes!
Is there a computer in the adjunct offices or do I need to bring my own? Each department has a computer in their respective adjunct office. Additionally, if you prefer to use your own computer for any reason (such as being a Mac user in a classroom with a Windows computer), each classroom has an HDMI connection for your computer to display on the projector.
As an adjunct, how can I print on campus? Each academic department on campus has an adjunct office with a computer available that is connected the their department printer. Additionally, all employees have access to print in the library or any public computer lab with a printer, following the various methods listed on (with the exception that you are not charged when you release print jobs).
Does TCNJ use any type of on campus or cloud storage?

Yes! A few, in fact:

  • H:\ Drive - On Campus storage designated specifically for you that is automatically connected to any campus computer
  • R:\ Drive - On Campus storage for your department that is automatically connected to any campus computer
  • Google Drive - Cloud storage is available both in your MyDrive and Shared Drive storage

You can learn more about the storage capacity for each at

You can also access the H:\ and R:\ Drives from your personal computer by following the instructions on this Knowledge Base article or through any browser using

Can I use Microsoft 365 as an adjunct? Yes! In addition to the adjunct office computers having Microsoft Office on them, you can access the Microsoft 365 online interface through your web browser at and use your TCNJ email address and password to log in.
How do I use Google Workspace? You can find our collected Knowledge base articles for using Google Workspace at
What other software is available to me? Any of our IT provided home-use software can be found at and all employees have access to the TCNJ Virtual Apps platform



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