Setting Up Campus Text Alerts

If you are Faculty/Staff, this is done through the Oracle Cloud system. Students use PAWS (See below). Note that, having done this, if you leave/graduate from the College, and you no longer want to receive these alerts, you will have to log into the appropriate system to remove them. The Help Desk cannot undo this for you.

To do this through Oracle Cloud:

  1. Log into Oracle
  2. From the "Quick Actions" menu on the left, select "Contact Info"
  3. Click the "+ Add" option on this page and select "Phone Details"
  4. Under the "Type" section, select "Text Alert" from the "Select a Value" dropdown menu
  5. Fill in the area code and phone number sections
  6. Click "Submit" back at the top of the screen

For students, doing this through PAWS:

  1. Log into PAWS
  2. Go to Student Center
  3. Under “Other Personal Information” select “Phone Numbers” and click the >> icon
  4. Under “Personal Information” select “Phone Numbers”
  5. Click “Add Phone Number”
  6. Select “Phone Type”
  7. Enter the phone number (including the area code)
  8. Click “Save”
  9. Log out
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