Why was my email account locked?

There are a few reasons your email account may have gotten locked:

  • Your email email address was on a list of compromised accounts from a third party website so it was proactively disabled for safety.
  • You replied to a phishing email that exposed your username and password to cyber criminals and suspicious activity was noticed on your account
  • A mass email exceeding Google's limits was sent from your account
  • Too many failed password attempts were made on your account
  • Not setting up Google 2-Step Verification by your account's deadline

If you have been locked out of your account for missing the 2-Step Verification deadline, you can submit a ticket access to your account here.

Remember that TCNJ Information Technology or any other department on campus will never ask for your password via email. Any changes that will be made to systems or accounts are communicated in advance. These changes will also never ask you to "verify your account to make sure it is not deleted" as that is usually a phishing attempt made to scare you into giving away your account information.

You will need to contact the Help Desk by telephone (609-771-2660) so that we can change your email account’s password to something new, and have your account unlocked.

For more information, please visit:

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