PAWS Authorized User (Parents/Guardians)

An Authorized User is an individual who has been granted permission to view and discuss a student’s billing, financial aid, and/or education records. TCNJ students are eligible to grant this access to up to three individuals with whom they wish to share their account details. Once enrolled as Authorized Users, these individuals are granted auxiliary access to the College’s information system (PAWS), where they can log in to complete the following tasks:

  • View financial aid
  • View the student To-Do list
  • View and pay the bill
  • View education records

The first thing to remember about the Authorized User system is that it doesn’t use the same login (username and password) as the PAWS system itself. The second thing to remember is that it doesn’t use the same login screen (in other words, you can’t access the system via the PAWS link on the main web page of the College).

Information for both students & parents on how this system works can be found here.

Logins for this system are created by the student through their own PAWS account. If you cannot locate or recall the password that was generated for you, or if the one you've got is not working, the Help Desk cannot assist you. The password will need to be reset by your child through their own PAWS account, to which we have no access.

The direct link to get to the Auxiliary Access system is (if you ever forget this, you can simply search for “Authorized User” from the College’s main page, and this should be the first link you get).

If, having accessed this page, the username and password provided to you by your TCNJ student are, for some reason, not working, please contact the office of Student Financial Services (not the same as Student Financial Assistance) by calling 609-771-2172.

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