How to Rehire or Renew an Existing Affiliate (Contingent Worker)

If you have already created an account for an Affiliate, and need to either reactivate or update the end date on it, here are the steps you will need to follow.

Note: This process is intentionally separate from the initial "How to Hire a New Affiliate (Contingent Worker)" process in order to prevent multiple accounts being created for the same person.

Getting to the Form

To find the form for hiring (or rehiring) an Affiliate, open your web browser of choice and go to the TCNJ Identity Manager at to sign in.

Once signed in, make sure you are on the "Application" tab 

And then select the panel for "Request Access"

Where you can then choose to "Renew Existing Affiliate Account"

Filling out the Form

The form will first define for you what an Affiliate is and their relation to FERPA. Then it will explain the rest of the process, including the approval process, the access they will gain, and the situations for when this form SHOULD NOT be used.

After reading through this section, scroll down to find the "Search for existing Affiliate" box

  1. This field will search exclusively through Affiliate accounts so it will be easier for it to find the one you are trying to renew as you type
  2. This field will automatically be filled in once the Affiliate account has been selected

Just like with the original form, you will then need to fill out information about the job the Affiliate is being brought on for (this would be for if they are being brought on with different responsibilities or by another department).

Similarly, you will need to fill out the Employer information once more.

  1. "Employer" in this case means the full time employee that will be the manager of the Affiliate
  2. Once you select the employer, these fields will populate with their information automatically
  3. The "Approver" field will also automatically populate with the manager of the employer. This person will receive an email and request to approve the Affiliate in their TIMS account

Finally, check the boxes for required access to indicate what they will need for their position. Even though this is enabling the account again, you will still need to select Email if they had one before so that it is restored as well.

Note: the "Computer login/printing/VPN option will also cover most other systems like the library databases and Qualtrics.

If the Affiliate will require card swipe access/changes Access Control requires the supervisor to submit a form. The form can be found on the Access Control website with some additional instructions on filling it out. 

Once you hit submit, the listed employer will receive an email confirming your request has gone through:

Subject: Your Affiliate Request


Your request to create a new account for -AFFILIATE- has been sent to -APPROVER- for approval.

You will receive an email with the approval results after -APPROVER- has completed their task.

Approving the Affiliate

At the same time that the Employer receives their confirmation email, the Approver will also receive one letting them know they have a task to complete:

Subject: TCNJ New Affiliate Provisioning Request


A request for a new Affiliate account has been submitted and requires your approval.

-EMPLOYER- has requested a new Affiliate (contingent worker) account for -AFFILIATE-.

You can review this request at You will need to approve or deny this request to complete this process.

The Approver can then click the link provided and it will automatically bring them to the "Tasks" section of their TIMS account once they log in and they will be able to review and either approve or deny the request.

Once the request has been approved, the Employer will receive this final email


Subject: Affiliate Provisioning Completed


-APPROVER- has Approved your Affiliate account request for -AFFILIATE.

Request name: Create Affiliate account

Submitted by: -EMPLOYER-

Submitted on: Day MM DD TI:ME EDT YYYY

Request id: 233jgjhvjh4634mk2345hv235

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