Classroom Technology Basic Troubleshooting Guide

Classroom Technology Basic Troubleshooting Guide

Below are MTSS-suggested troubleshooting steps should you run into issues with the classroom technology.


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  1. PC is not showing up on the monitors

  2. PC is showing up only on the left monitor

  3. PC is not showing up through the projection system

  4. PC audio is not working

  5. System shuts down on its own

PC is Not Showing Up on the Monitors

  1. Make sure the PC is powered on. The PC is located in the equipment rack/desk.
  2. Make sure both monitors are powered on.
  3. Make sure the monitors have the correct input selected. In most cases, the left monitor should be set to "DisplayPort" and the right should be "HDMI" or "DVI".

PC is Only Showing Up on the Left Monitor

  1. Make sure both monitors are powered on.
  2. Be sure to log into the PC. The extended desktop (right monitor) will only show once you are logged in.
  3. Be sure to turn the classroom system on via the touchpanel.
  4. If system is turned on, try switching to "Laptop" or "Blu ray" and then switch back to "PC/Computer" on the touchpanel.

PC is Not Showing Up Through the Projection System

  1. Be sure to turn the classroom syste on via the touchpanel.
  2. Select "Apple TV" or "Document Camera" to check if the projector shows the image.
  3. On the touchpanel, be sure that "Image Blank" is turned off.
  4. On the touchpanel, you can select "Additional Functions" to see the power status of the projector.

PC Audio is Not Working

  1. Be sure to turn the classroom system on via the touchpanel.
  2. On the touchpanel, make sure the audio is unmuted and the volume is turned up.
  3. Once logged in on the PC, click on the speaker icon on the bottom right and make sure "Crestron" is selected and unmuted. Also, check to make sure the volume is turned up on the PC.

System Shuts Down On Its Own

  1. If the system shuts down in the middle of you class/presentation (projector powers off and the projection screen goes up automatically), this may relate to the auto-shutdown feature. The system is defaulted to shutdown after 4 hours of inactivity, meaning, if there hasn't been any touchpanel interactions for 4 hours. Contact Help Desk to notify them of this occurrence. We can adjust this time as needed.
  2. If the PC shuts down automatically during your class, an update from Windows may have been scheduled. Unfortunately, MTSS or IT cannot adjust these settings pushed from Microsoft. If this happens repeatedly during your class, please notify the Help Desk.


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