Google 2-Step Verification (2SV)

Beginning in the Spring 2022 semester, TCNJ has started enforcing Google 2-Step Verification for all TCNJ Google accounts. 2-Step Verification (also known as 2SV, Two-Factor Authentication, or Multi-Factor Authentication) adds an extra layer of security to your Google account by requiring a login approval that is sent directly to your smartphone through either the Gmail, Google Smart Lock, or Google app. Having this feature implemented will bring the following security benefits to your TCNJ account:

  • The ability to name trusted devices so that 2-Step Verification is not required for them in the future
  • Protect your account from being accessed in remote locations following a phishing scam or 3rd party data breach
  • Get notifications to your phone when login attempts are made to your account
  • Physical, digital, and preemptive authentication options with Help Desk bypass support available
  • TCNJ passwords will no longer expire

For more information on how to set up Google 2-Step Verification for your account, check out Google's support article here.

The timeline for this feature being implemented is as follows:

  • Email sent out to all alumni on 3/10/22 and enforcement starting 3/30/22
  • Email sent out to all students 3/14/22 and enforcement starting 4/11/22
  • Email sent out to all employees 3/16/22 and enforcement starting 4/19/22

You can turn on and set up 2-Step Verification at any time before these dates, but failing to do so will temporarily lock you out of your TCNJ Google account until you contact the Help Desk to be given a 24-hour bypass window to access your account and complete the setup.

Incoming Students: You will be prompted to set up 2-Step Verification the first time you access your TCNJ email. Afterwards, you will have 1 month from that date to set up 2-Step Verification before you are locked out and need to contact the Help Desk for a 24-hour bypass window to access your account and complete the setup.

If you have been locked out of your account for missing the 2-Step Verification deadline, you can submit a ticket access to your account here.

A note to Firefox Users: A recent Firefox update has made it so that a default setting for “Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed” is enabled. The option to allow your Google account to remember the computers you have already logged in on is done by storing a cookie file in your browsers. Keeping this setting enabled will result in you needing to do a 2-Step Verification each time you try to access your TCNJ Gmail on Firefox. Instructions on how to disable this settings, if you wish to do so, have been attached to this article.

Here is an ITConnect video on how to set up Google 2-Step Verification:


  • Will I need to do this EVERY time I want check my TCNJ Gmail?
    No, this will only be required either the first time you log in on a trusted device OR whenever you try logging in on a device you did not tell your account to remember. Each time a 2-Step Verification prompt is presented to you, that same page will also have a "Don't ask again on this computer" check box.
  • Do I need to download one of those Google apps on my phone to be able to do 2-Step Verification?
    No, you can set up your verification method to be a phone call or a text message to your phone as well. Additionally, you can generate Backup Codes from your account ahead of time that can be used, or you can purchase a supported physical Security Key. To learn more about using Security Keys, check out Google's support article here.
    • Employees: if you add your TCNJ phone number as a registered phone to call for verification, and you were provided a Rainbow account, then that means you can answer a verification call from Rainbow on your web browser or the mobile app.
  • What support does the IT Help Desk offer for Google 2-Step Verification?
    You can contact or visit the Help Desk to have a Backup Code generated for you in the event that you do not have one of your verification methods on your person.
  • What if I don't sign up on time and get locked out of my account?
    Click the "Request Service" button on this article to submit a ticket to the Help Desk so they can open up a 48-hour bypass window for you to access your account again and set up 2-Step Verification.
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