Facilities Project Request


The Project Request Form (PRF) is used to submit a renovation, new equipment install or construction project request. Please DO NOT use this form to request maintenance or repair work. To submit a Facilities repair ticket please visit the Facilities Portal 


  • For Academic requests, consent from both your Dean and Provost is required prior to completing this form.
  • For all other requests, consent from your VP/Cabinet member is required prior to completing this form.

Types of Project Requests

  • Renovation- the total or partial upgrading of an existing facility or facility system to higher standards of quality or efficiency.
  • Alteration/Improvement – upgrading existing mechanical/electrical or architecture features, updating design of existing facility or space. i.e., addition/removal of partitions, flooring replacement, addition of AC, etc.
  • Equipment Installation - The installation of equipment required by an academic or departmental program and not necessary for proper operation of the physical facility itself. Examples of this type of work are: fume hood installations, computer labs, photo lab equipment, specialized program air conditioning or ventilation requirements, or installation/maintenance of specialized athletic or other similar equipment, etc.
  • New Construction – Addition of a new building, space, etc.  


When completing the Project Request Form, please:

  • Be as specific as possible when completing the description of work being requested.
  • Provide Project justification and funding details or the PRF will be returned to the requester.
  • Obtain approval from Dean/Director and Cabinet Level Official

Next Steps

Once submitted, the project request will be reviewed at the next available Facilities Staff Meeting, after which, you will be provided with a status.  

Submit a Project Request


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