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WebFiles allows users the ability to access the H:\ and R:\ Drives from a web browser. Users can upload, download, delete, and rename the files on network drives. Additionally, any type of file that is used with a Microsoft Office program or Google Workspace application can be created and edited from within Web Files.

Accessing these network drives through mapping them to your computer while connected to the VPN is still available, this is simply just another option.

NOTE: DUO Multi-factor Authentication is needed for the Web Files login process. If you have not already set up DUO, you can learn how to do so in this Knowledge Base article.

How to Use Web Files

First, to access Web Files, you need to go to webfiles.tcnj.edu. Click the login link there, where you will then be asked for your username (WITHOUT @tcnj.edu) and password, followed by a DUO authentication



Once you are logged in, here is the page you will see (minus the markups)


  1. By default, you will start on your Home drive (H:\)
  2. If you are an employee with access to any Department drives (R:\), you can switch to those from the left side menu
  3. You can arrange your files by name, size, and the last "Date Modified" from the column headers
  4. If you are uploading or creating a new file, this is the quick access menu to help you do so
  5. Selecting any of your files will enable this quick access menu that lets you download, rename, delete, copy, cut, and paste them for ease of managing
    • These options are also available if you right-click on any individual file
  6. Within either your H:\ or R:\ Drives you can have the current storage total of all your files calculated

To view or edit any of your files in Microsoft Office or Google Workspace, simply right-click on it and select the appropriate option



  1. Please note that both the "View in Browser" and "Download" options will download a copy of the file
  2. When you select "Edit in Office 365" for the first time, you will need to log in with your TCNJ email address (including @tcnj.edu) and password

  3. When you select "Edit in Google Drive" for the first time, you will need to log in with your TCNJ email address (including @tcnj.edu) and password and let Google know it has your permission to access your files




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