TCNJ Virtual Apps (AppStream 2)


For instructions and tutorials on how to access the TCNJ Virtual Apps (AWS AppStream 2)


TCNJ IT offers the use of of the "Virtual Apps" platform where students, staff, and faculty can access programs that would normally be found on a college lab computer through a web browser on any computer. This platform makes programs that are not normally available for students' personal computers accessible anywhere, as well as helps address some compatibility issues between operating systems.

The web login for the TCNJ Virtual Apps can be found on the Today page or you can visit it directly at

For Windows computers, there is also a client program you can download. The instructions for which can be found attached to this article.

The following is a list of the specialized software found on the Virtual Apss:

ArcMap ATLAS.ti Audacity Avogadro
BlueJ Brackets ChemDraw Crimestat
Inspiration Jflap LabChart Learning Ally Link
LogicWorks Mathematica MATLAB Max 8
Mesquite Minitab 17 Notepad++ Processing
R Racket RapidMiner Studio Rhino 6
SAS Sketchpad StataSE Statistica
Tableau Visual Studio Code WinSCP Microsoft Office

Staff/Faculty Please Note: This is not a complete list. Please check the Virtual Apps for the software you need prior to submitting a ticket requesting it.

Important: Please check the time during your first session, if it is incorrect, please set your Time Zone in the Gear Menu on the AppStream 2.0 Toolbar.  If you do not, your work may have incorrect timestamps.  These settings will persist throughout future sessions.  More Information Here

DUO Two-Factor authentication is required to access the Virtual Apps platform. Click here for DUO documentation.




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