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What Is Eduroam?

Eduroam is a wireless access service that allows researchers, staff, and students to access a secure a Wi-Fi network connection using their credentials at their home institution or while visiting other campuses. When traveling to another institution that uses Eduroam, users need only turn on their mobile device without guest account credentials to immediately gain authenticated Internet access.

What does this mean for me?

Eduroam, once setup on your device, will allow you to access the wireless network of other participating institutions world wide using your TCNJ credentials without needing to request guest access. 


The Benefits of Using Eduroam

Being able to provide users with the freedom to study and research wherever they are — at home or abroad — is one of the chief responsibilities of higher education institutions. Lowering the bar for access by deploying Eduroam helps reduce connection anxiety for guests trying to connect to the Internet when visiting other institutions. Additionally, the Eduroam service often reduces the number of help desk calls from users by providing a solution that mimics their home institution’s wireless environment.

Risks to Consider When Using Eduroam

Eduroam is not a VPN, but a method to gain access to the Internet quickly so that a VPN can be used for secure communications. Until a VPN is used, data will be traveling over networks that are not in the control of their home institution. Users should treat the connection as if it were a public and be careful of what data is transmitted when not connected to a VPN. More on TCNJ's VPN  service can be found here


Where is Eduroam available?

Eduroam can be found at educational institutions all over the world. To find locations in a specific area or region,

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