New student can't access student center portion of paws

OK so HOW TO CONTACT 'your system administrator' ?

not a very helpful website....archaic and cryptic at best.  So when you can't even get to student center to find how to register for classes etc. who do you call/contact?



You are not authorized to access this component. (40,20)

You have not been granted security authorization for the component you are attempting to access. You may have access to the designated component and page, but not in the specified action mode (such as Correction or Update/Display).  Contact your system administrator.


Asked by Jay Soukup on Sat 5/6/17 12:28 PM
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Answer (1)

Daniel AdlerMon 5/8/17 9:05 AM


For that specific error, you'll need to contact Records & Registration directly (as opposed to Information Technology). You can do this by phone (609-771-2141 option 0), or via email ( or


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