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I recently submitted a ticket regarding the new issues all student orgs seem to be having with Google not allowing them to email their entire mailing list. I understand that there is nothing that can be done to change this Google problem. However, would it be possible for the current rules to be changed so that student organization leaders (e.g. Presidents) are able to create a listserv through the Mailman List Management System (which is separate from Google and managed by The College)? It is extremely cumbersome needing to send multiple emails in order to reach the 500+ people on our mailing list or having to go through our adviser to make minor changes like removing someone from a faculty-moderated listserv.


To reiterate, I am referring to the Mailman List Management System (, not to Google settings.

Asked by Max Nazario on Mon 3/6/17 2:18 AM Last edited Mon 3/6/17 10:01 AM
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Daniel AdlerMon 3/27/17 4:06 PM

We have worked with the administrator for the system, as well s your group's advisor. She is going to create a Google Group (with an email address of to which she will add all of the students who need to be included. Once that's done, she will be the owner of the group until later this year (hopefully before graduation) at which time students (and student groups) will be able to log into the Google Group system as owners (at that point, she'll change the owner to someone else, possibly the account). Meanwhile, all students who are added to the group will be able to send to the group and/or receive emails.

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Daniel AdlerTue 3/7/17 9:04 AM

Max, I have assigned this question to the mailman system admins. I will let you know what they tell us.

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