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Unable to listen to recorded audio on Powerpoint

Hi, I've used the Record Slide Show option on PowerPoint to record audio for each slide. I saved my slide show accordingly, and when reopening it, I saw each slides recorded audio time displayed under each one in Slide Sorter. When I go to each s...
1 Answer
Rebecca Goncalves Last activity on 3/5/2018 8:55:11 AM by Sharon Bancroft

SAS program

Is there a way to download SAS onto a Mac?
1 Answer
Terese Brower Last activity on 1/25/2018 10:45:21 AM by William Haesemeyer

Microsoft Office

I purchased a new YOGA Laptop over the holidays and need Microsoft Office downloaded on this machine. I'll be using it to advise the RN to BSN students offsite.
How do I download Microsoft Office on this laptop???
Sharen Clugston
1 Answer
Sharen Clugston Last activity on 1/18/2018 9:05:17 AM by Sharon Bancroft

can't connect to internet since I reset my password

can't connect to internet (on campus) since I reset my password
1 Answer
Kelly Schoenberger Last activity on 10/4/2017 9:06:29 AM by Sharon Bancroft

Java Virtual Machine Installation

Dear Officer, I would like to submit a ticket to ask for help with Java Virtual Machine Installation. I kept receiving error messages saying "this account has no privileges to install JAVA" when I was trying to install it. Could...
1 Answer
Cynthia Zhao Last activity on 10/3/2017 2:08:15 PM by William Haesemeyer

Microsoft Project

I am an adjunct professor and the class I teach requires the use of Microsoft Project. While the computers in the classroom have the software installed, I do not have a copy on my own laptop, which I use to grade their assignments, including .mpp...
1 Answer
James Purcell Last activity on 9/28/2017 10:27:12 AM by William Haesemeyer

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