Hydration Station/Bottle Filling Station Filter Status Indicator / Filter Replacements


Hydration Station/Bottle Filling Station Filter Replacements & Filter Indicator Light Explanations.


Hydration station filters are a scheduled preventative maintenance item and will be changed according preventative maintenance schedule or when indicator turns from yellow to red. 


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Green Light

Unit is supplying filtered water. The green light indicates between 100-21% filter life left; no action is needed when filter light is green. 

Yellow/Orange Light

Unit is still supplying filtered water. The yellow light indicates 20-1% of filter life left.  Facilities’ Plumbers / Maintenance Technicians perform routine inspections and scheduled preventative maintenance on all units, therefore, no action is needed when filter light is yellow.

Red Light

Unit may not be supplying filtered water.  The red light indicates there is problem with the unit.  Generally, this means that filter has either been in use for over 12 months or has used 100% of its life; a red light could also signal a technical or other maintenance issue. The issue will likely be resolved via scheduled  preventative maintenance, however you may submit a work order through the Facilities Portal when the light is red.*


*Non-emergency work should be submitted via work order.  The system can be accessed easily via the Work  Order  icon  on the  TCNJ Today page toolbar . 

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