Google Groups


Google Groups have taken the place of Listservs at TCNJ.

Google Groups have a dual function where they can act as both a Listserv and/or an online forum. Each Google group can give different rights to its members to control who is allowed to post/send to it.

By creating a Google Group and adding members to it, you will be given a single email address that represents the Google Group that can be used to send out email to all of its members.

Alternatively, depending on the permissions granted, a member can go to the Google Group through their Google Apps and see all previous emails or "posts" to the group. Members can also send out a message directly through the group page.

To learn more on how to use Google Groups, check out this Google Support article.

Follow the instructions found here on how to create a croup.

Google Groups for institutions (such as TCNJ) have some specific policies and limits that are applied to them.  To learn more about them, click here.



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