Creating your NameCoach Profile and Email Signature


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TCNJ has subscribed to NameCoach so that members of the campus community can make an audio recording of the pronunciation of their names and share it with others.

Students and faculty can record their names in Canvas so that it is available for others in their courses to listen to. Instructions for how to set up your recording in Canvas can be found here.

In addition to Canvas, students, faculty, AND staff can create a profile in NameCoach here so that they can share their "NameBadge" with others on social media or even add it to their email signature. A NameBage is a personal website created by NameCoach that Users can customize with the origin, meaning, and even a funny/interesting story about their name. Since a NameBadge is made to be shared, the audio recording of your name is also available on the page, as well as the option to add a picture.

The instructions for creating a NameCoach profile and how to add it to your email signature can be found attached to this article on the right-hand side of this page.



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