About Gartner

The College of New Jersey has partnered with Gartner to provide a customized experience for students, faculty and staff to provide knowledge around IT and Business industry questions. 

"Gartner is the global leader in providing accurate & current research for the IT industry. Providing help to staff, students and faculty to translate complex IT issues into comprehensive advice, meaningful analysis, and educates on an anticipated issues”

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For Students:

Gartner provides unbiased market research analysis that will assist TCNJ users in their research needs. For students, having many sources of information to triangulating and support your data is imperative when presenting a well-rounded case study to support your academic pursuits. Every major has technology in the classroom and in the real-world, so let Gartner open up your world to how technology is being used in your industry so you are ahead of the curve when you graduate. Gartner research can provide insight for students on:

  • Current trends in technology

  • Information Technology Management

  • Business issues in your industry

  • Various Organizations IT needs

  • IT Strategy


Use Gartner to bring real world complex issues into the classroom, by linking Gartner research to the curriculum, and having access to current top-shelf research on technology and how it enhances the technological understanding of the student's research in their industry. Some common ways in which Gartner has been used in the classroom are:

  • Researching using it for the basis of case studies

  • Using it for the basis of case studies

  • Look at the health of an organization

  • Establish quality research practices with real-world examples


Gartner is a tool that can be used at The College of New Jersey to help improve infrastructure, and assist in validating key-decision criteria when making technology-based business decisions.

Through a simple search, users can find several current as well as historical articles to provide a well-rounded understanding of a solution, situation or business area that is being vetted. The industry pulse is not limited to just the CIO's perspective, but all departments and how technology decisions and supporting research and market trends are analyzed and discussed for all facets of business. Some common ways in which TCNJ can use Gartner are:

  • Researching industry trends

  • Gathering current and historical information on market trends

  • Understanding the landscape and competition in the marketplace for a specific product area

  • Best Practices standards provided yearly, to understand projections for each industry, department or product



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