I need to have a new jack installed. How do I get this done?


The installation of new jacks (phone or network) is a multi-step process:

  • The person making the request opens a ticket which then gets assigned to the appropriate support specialist
  • The support specialists assesses the requestor’s requirements to capture and review the specifics of the application, and notes any special access or time restrictions for the site
  • The support specialist visits the site to conduct a basic survey and marks the location of new jacks, and reviews to make sure that no other resources can be used instead.
  • The support specialist assigns call to Network group
  • The Network group will visit the site to conduct a detailed survey in order to develop a scope of work. The Network group may request a review meeting with the support specialist and the requestor to discuss requirements.
  • The Network group will arrange for contractor review of the site and scope of work.
  • The Network group will review the request to determine the level of the scope of work; if the scope of work is sufficiently complex, the Network group will advise the support specialist that alternate funding is required (e.g. A Facilities Fiscal Year Project Request or departmental funding).
  • When the review is complete and funding is secured, the Network group will coordinate with the support specialist to schedule contractor work at the site.
  • The Network group will provide update and notification to the support specialist as needed and at job completion.

Requestors should consider that for “complex” (quantity or scope) requests, it may be advantageous to submit the request as a Facilities Fiscal Year Project Request additionally, especially if the Request process is imminent or open.



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Wed 10/12/16 11:03 AM