Long Distance PIN (LD PIN)


A long distance PIN (LD PIN) is a number assigned specifically to you when you are given a phone extension that will identify you in the system and approve the call when dialing a number outside of the campus and immediate Ewing area. 

Your LD PIN should not be shared with anyone else as they should have their own LD PINs for making outside calls as a call history is attached to each LD PIN.

If you are in need of a LD PIN, have your supervisor contact the Help Desk at 609-771-2660 or helpdesk@tcnj.edu to request one for you.

If you were previously assigned one, but have forgotten it, search your email for "long distance PIN" and you should be able to find the initial email you received containing it. Otherwise, you can email phonehelp@tcnj.edu asking for your LD PIN again.



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