IT Offboarding Checklist for Employees


A convenient checklist to help your transition out of the college.


If you are leaving the college, be it by regular separation or retirement, there are a few IT related matters you will want to take care of as you are offboarding. IT has created a checklist that you can follow to ensure that your transition out of your position is as seamless as possible (for both you and your department). A PDF version of this checklist is also attached to this article so you can download/print it to check off these tasks as you go.

If you are retiring from the college with Emeritus status, you can find all of the associated benefits on this Human Resources website.

We would like to thank you for your service to the college and wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors.



Personal Files                                            Save and remove any personal files on College-owned devices and/or cloud
storage accounts (save to a personal USB drive, personal cloud account, or your personal computer)
Department Files Provide department supervisor, or other appropriate person assuming such
responsibilities, with any and all College business related documents (files, records, etc)
College Data Storage Return any department-purchased CDs, flash drives, or other external storage devices 
Google Drive All work-related files in your Google My Drive or other cloud accounts should be
transferred to a network drive, moved to a Google Shared Drive, and/or ownership
should be transferred to your immediate supervisor or other appropriate person assuming such responsibilities
Collaborative Files Transfer ownership of collaborative files/folders/queries on sites like Adobe Sign,
Google, Qualtrics, etc, to appropriate person within the department 
TCNJ Web Pages Transfer access to any TCNJ web pages you manage to appropriate person within the department 
Administrative Access Ensure access or administrative rights are granted to appropriate person(s) for
files, databases, shared drives, applications, or servers that you may solely have access to
IT Equipment

Any and all College-purchased IT related equipment must be returned to your
School or Department  and notify the IT Help Desk. Computers, tablets, and TCNJ-
issued cell phones can be returned to your School or Department, or to the IT Help
Desk. Items such as keyboards, mouse/trackpad, monitors, printers, scanners,
web cameras, speakers, headphones, docking stations, etc. can remain in the
office being vacated. Any items that were used for work-from-home purposes
should be returned to the IT Help Desk prior to the date of separation.

Email Responder For individuals with emeritus status, set up an automatic response on your
TCNJ Gmail to inform colleagues and others about your separation from
the college. This is automatically set for users that are separating from the college but do not have emeritus status.




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