Zoom Meeting Best Practices


In addition to the Web Conferencing Best Practices outlined by MTSS, they also advise the following practices for Zoom meetings specifically.


Security Best Practices

Starting A Meeting

It is recommended that you start your meetings via the web portal to ensure you are the host of your meetings. Zoom offers you several ways to start both scheduled and spontaneous meetings:

  • From the web portal
  • From the downloaded Zoom Application
  • From your Zoom mobile device apps
  • From your Google Calendar invitation

Before the Meeting

  • Test your Audio and Video – visit zoom.us/test
    • Make sure to choose the correct audio input and output sources and levels
    • Make sure to choose the correct camera for the meeting if more than one option is available
    • Have the content you intend to share prepared ahead of time
    • Make sure you know how to share your screen

Hosting A Meeting

  • Mute your mic if others are presenting/speaking
  • Use “Gallery View” for smaller group/team meetings
  • Share your screen
    • Share specific applications to control displayed content
    • Use “Pause” to freeze the view to the participants
    • Use “New Share” to seamlessly transition between shared applications.
    • Use the Annotation tools to grab and direct attention

Meeting Recordings

  • If you are sharing meeting recordings, change the file name from the default.
  • Share privately via Google Drive or other service
  • Share only to those who need access to it
  • Do not make file publicly accessible

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