Zoom Meeting Recordings


A feature of your TCNJ Zoom account is to be able to record your meetings either locally to your computer or to the cloud on your Zoom account.

Here are some Zoom support resources on how to best utilize this feature:
Note - Whenever these articles mention logging into your Zoom account and not accessing the desktop app, you will need to go to tcnj.zoom.us to access your account.

Local Recording:

Cloud Recording:

For anything not covered in the above articles, here is an FAQ About Local and Cloud Recordings.


Zoom Cloud Recording Auto Deletion Policy

  • When you receive the confirmation email that your Zoom recording has been successfully uploaded to the cloud on your account, that email will also inform you that the recording will be deleted in 180 days
    • There is not a set day when all Zoom cloud recordings are deleted at once, each recording has its own 180 day timer
  • After 180 days, the recording will be moved to the trash, where it can still be recovered until 30 days later when it will be permanently deleted
  • After 23 days in the trash, you will receive another email informing you that the recording will be permanently deleted in 7 days
  • Once the total 210 days has passed and the meeting is permanently deleted, there is no way to recover it



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