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Google Chat is Google Workspace's built-in instant messenger for Google Users to communicate and share files in real-time either 1-on-1, in a group chat setting, or in a chat room without the need to set up a conference call.

To start a chat with someone new, click on the "Find people, rooms, bots" search bar and start typing either their name (if they are staff/faculty) or TCNJ email address (if they are a student).

To start either a group chat or chat room, choose one of the following options that appear when you click on the "Find people, rooms, bots" search bar:

Google Chat has many handy features available within each of your conversations:

For more information on the Google Meet feature, check out our Knowledge Base article on it here.

To learn more in-depth information about how to use Google Chat, check out the G Suite Learning Center article on it here.

Tips and Tricks

Once you’ve added people to chat with, you can click the three vertical dots menu next to their name for more options. If you have many people in your list, clicking Star on someone will move them to a “Starred” list at top.



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