TCNJ Virtual Lab (VMWare Horizon)

The College of New Jersey invites you to utilize some of the core applications such as MS Office in a virtualized environment. There are two ways to access this virtualized environment:

  1. Browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Internet Explorer)
    • While working off of the browser version, only your H: and R: drives will be available to work from and save to
  2. Downloading the desktop client
    • While using the desktop client, you will have access to your H: and R: drives, as well as the local files on your
      computer to work from and save to
    • Instructions for how to download the desktop client are attached to this article

For a list of all available application, click here.

DUO Two-Factor authentication is required to access the Virtual Lab through either method. Click here for DUO documentation.

To begin:

Please visit and select the following icon for the TCNJ Virtual Lab.

You will be prompted with the Vmware Horizon login screen: Enter your TCNJ user name (without and your TCNJ password.



Once you select Login, the Duo authentication process will begin. You will be prompted by Duo to accept or reject the authentication attempt.

The DUO push method is automatic for the Virtual Lab, but if you would like to use a different method, here is how:
Imagine that your password is Password123, you would use the following combinations when entering your password to trigger different DUO authentication methods:
•    Password123,phone (this will prompt a phone call for DUO verification)
•    Password123,012345 (if you would like to use one of the 6-digit codes provided by the DUO Mobile app to verify yourself right away, enter in the code immediately -no space- after a comma placed at the end of your password)

Once the Duo authentication notification is accepted you will be prompted to input your TCNJ password again.



Once authentication has been completed successfully you’ll be presented with the TCNJ Virtual Application menu. Click to launch any of the available applications.


To Log Out of Virtual Environment, click on the ‘exit door’ icon on the top right side of the page:


If you have any questions, please contact the IT Help Desk at 609-771-2660 or submit an online service request.


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